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239,00 €

Power Tilt (Air Chamber) Free Standing Bag

Punchbag (Air Chamber)
Inside is Air Chamber (inflatable)
Total product height:150cm
Punching bag:Φ285x119cm
HDPE Base :Φ38x44cm(H)
Base tank with water is about 30kgs
Color: Black
With target number printing in WHITE color

Set includes a pump.

Features: this smart bag imitates Bobo doll - after the kick or punch the bag will move back towards you. This turns the bag into a moving training partner. 

Usage: boxing is beneficial to your whole body. In addition to your upper body workout, you can strengthen your abdominal and leg muscles. It´s an ideal cardiovascular training.


Tuotenro STDPK-019
Paino 22.00
Tuotemerkki Dojo
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