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Dojo ceiling mount for your punching bag

The ceiling bracket is extremely robust and durable.

For which punching bag is this Dojo hanging bracket suitable?

The suspension bracket is suitable for all punching bags of all brands.

The maximum load-bearing weight of the ceiling bracket is 70 kg.

What size does the Dojo hanging bracket have for the punching bag?

The suspension bracket is 15 x 4 cm.

How do I attach the Dojo ceiling bracket?

You can attach the ceiling bracket to both a wooden and a concrete ceiling. Use M8 wood screws for a wooden ceiling or M8 floor bolts at a concrete ceiling. When the punching bag gets too high due to a high ceiling, buy a piece of chain at the Do-It-Yourself Shop to hang between the chain of the punching bag and the ceiling bracket.

Advantages of the Dojo ceiling mount for punching bag

- very robust and durable material

- suitable for all brands of punching bags

- easy to attach

- tested up to 70 kg


Make sure that your ceiling is not too high so that your punching bag is hanging too high. In such a case, opt for a suspension bracket on the wall.

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