Iconfit Collagen Superfoods + Inulin 250g Vadelma-mustaherukka

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ICONFIT Collagen Superfood with inulin is a delicious fibre-rich collagen mix produced in Estonia. Contains more than 30% hydrolysed collagen, a wealth of Orafti® inulin (natural fibre from chicory root) and is available in three flavours from which you will definitely find your favourite.

-Collagen is good for the health of your skin, nails and hair. 

-Does not contain any other additives and is suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. NB! Some flavours in stock currently have white packaging, therefore you might receive your product in either white or green packaging.

-ICONFIT Collagen Superfood contains more than 30% collagen and natural fibre Orafti® inulin, which is good for digestive health. In addition, it contains a blend of freeze-dried berries or raw cacao, which are rich in vitamins. No other additives or added sugar.

Our product is also special because or collagen is produced using a unique chemical-free process. You can always trust the quality of ICONFIT collagen because this process yields the highest degree of purity!


Add 1 tablespoon of our collagen and inulin blend to your smoothie or mix with water or juice. One container contains enough collagen blend for 19 servings. If you wish, you can also consume 2 tablespoons per day. Use every day to boost your well-being and the health of your skin, nails and hair. Our superfood blends contain lots of vitamins and micronutrients thanks to natural berries. You can add collagen straight into the blender, even though some sources say that blending breaks collagen peptides down. However that is not true, blenders cannot damage collagen so you can add it straight in the blender when making your smoothies.


In addition to animal-derived collagen (produced using a chemical-free process!), the ingredients include natural Orafti® inulin, freeze-dried berries and in one f

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