Iconfit Almond Flour - Mantelijauho 800g

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ICONFIT Almond flour in a large 800 g bag at the best price in Estonia! Use in baked goods, drinks, smoothies and other dishes.

  • High-quality almond flour at the best price in Estonia
  • Natural superfood that contains lots of calcium and magnesium.
  • Suitable for use in vegan and vegetarian dishes

ICONFIT Almond Flour is a healthier and tastier substitute for wheat flour. To date, almond flour has been an important ingredient in healthy baking but its price has always been high – now, however, we offer almond flour in a convenient resealable 800 g bag at the best price in Estonia!

Why do chefs and bakers love almond flour so much?

It can be used in baked goods, desserts and for making marzipan.
Makes baked goods more moist and adds a nice almond flavour.
Ideal for low-carbohydrate meals.
More recipes and ideas at
Try adding it to your smoothies as well.

Ingredients: Natural almond flour. Country of origin: USA. Packaged in Estonia. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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