Iconfit Chia-siemenet 800g

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ICONFIT Chia Seeds in a large 800 g bag at the best price in Estonia! Use 20–30 grams of this superfood in baked goods, drinks, smoothies or other dishes daily.

  • High-quality chia seeds at the best price in Estonia
  • Natural superfood that contains lots of healthy substances
  • Large 800 g bag at the best price
  • Suitable for use in vegan and vegetarian dishes

ICONFIT Chia Seeds are a natural superfood that can be used to increase the nutritional value of a variety of dishes, drinks and smoothies.

We offer them at the best price in Estonia in a convenient resealable 800 g bag! It is recommended to soak the chia seeds in some liquid (or a smoothie) before consumption to make them softer.

Chia seeds have many valuable properties:

  • High content of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Boost the metabolism and are good for the heart.
  • Contain lots of good substances for your muscles and bones (e.g. calcium, iron, magnesium).

See also the ICONFIT Chia Defatted Powder where the usual 30% fat content has been reduced to 10% by cold-pressing. Chia powder is a great substitute for wheat flour in baking or it can be added to smoothies.

Ingredients: Natural chia seeds. Country of origin: Mexico. Packaged in Estonia. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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