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Hayashi WKF approved karate mask

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Official WKF Karate Mask approved for national and international competitions. From 1st January 2009, the Face Mask shall be of obligatory use in the cadet categories of men™s and women™s kumite This is a protective mask aimed to be used at Karate Sport. It has been designed to protect the competitors face against the possibile hits that can occur when practising Karate, however its not a complete protective mask, neither has been designed to get uncontrolled direct hits. - Compulsory use for male and female cadet kumite categories - Composition: (Mask) Outer part made of polycarbonate, inner part made of SBS. (Grabbing) Trapping bands VELCRO VELSTRECH elastic and ULTRAMATE 805 fastener

Tuotenro 356-0003-conf
Paino 1.00
Tuotemerkki Hayashi
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Sertifiointi WKF
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