Starpro T20 V-Tech Training nyrkkeilyhanskat

31,00 €

Durability like no other, the T20 V-Tech Training Gloves don’t know the meaning of ‘wear and tear’. Their synthetic leather composition and hand-stitched construction not only make them a robust choice, but they’re also exceptional quality offering serious value for money.

Look after your hands with the pre-curved two-piece foam padding allowing for unlaboured fist closure. The padding protects the knuckles and thumbs from damage without compromising on comfort and disperses the shock along the glove to prevent injuries to your hands and wrists. As they’re firmly held in place by the secure wrap strap closing, your wrist is stabilized to avoid twisting.

Not only are they super soft on the inside, but the moisture-wicking Hydra-Flow mesh palm also ventilates the inside of the gloves for fresh, odor-free performance. Get the perfect fit every time and secure using the wrap-around strap closing.

Glove weight / Fighter weight / Hand circumference

6 oz / 35-43 kg / 12-13.25 cm

8 oz / 43-53 kg / 13.25-15.25 cm

10 oz / 53-62 kg / 15.25-17.25 cm

12 oz / 62-70 kg / 17.25-19.25 cm

14 oz / 70-80 kg / 19.25-21.25 cm

16 oz / 80kg + / 21.25 -23.25 cm

Tuotenro 61532LG-9108-conf
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Tuotemerkki Starpro
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