Arawaza Onyx Air WKF Kumite karatepuku

159,00 €

Officially approved by the WKF (World Karate Federation)

Same uniforms as Onyx Air except all embroidery is GOLD.

We never settle for ordinary that’s why we’ve created the Onyx Zero Gravity which is the most technical and advanced kumite uniform ever made.

Extremely light and resistant will offer the best performance during the highest level competitions and intense trainings.

Endorsed and worn by numerous world champions it quickly became the number one kumite uniform worldwide.

5oz lightweight, microfiber.

NOTE: This uniform was designed and officially approved in tournaments for world champions only. However very popular amongst coaches, instructors and athletes in various events or trainings. Unless you are a world champion, you must check with your federation or the organizing committee of different tournaments that you want to participate in, if they allow this uniform to be worn by any competitor or only by world champions as stated in the WKF rules.


1/140    122-130
2/150    130-137
3/160    137-144
3.5/165 144-155
4/170    155-163
4.5/175 163-168
5/180    168-173
5.5/185 173-175
6/190    175-181
6.5/195 181-186
7/200    186-191
7.5/205 191-196
8/210    196-200
8.5/215 200-205
9/220    205+

Note: Approximate size chart for a normal weight person. An adjustment of plus or minus a size is necessary for people with additional or less weight than normal.

Tuotenro RKONAWKF1-conf
Paino 1.00
Tuotemerkki Arawaza
Kokoelma Sale
Sukupuoli Ei
Kategoria Karatepuvut
Sertifiointi WKF
Materiaali 6oz mikrokuitu/polyesteri

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