Arawaza Onyx Evolution WKF Kumite karatepuku

144,00 €

This uniform comes in two different versions, regular uniform and WKF approved uniform (World Karate Federation).

The Onyx Evolution offers a sleek modern design and top quality manufacturing details. It is one of the most advanced kumite uniform on the market that will help you achieve your highest performances. This uniform has advanced features that makes it outstanding in its class and the number one choice for serious kumite practitioners desiring the most efficient, stylish and comfortable fit.

Although extremely light, it is very resistant. It offers maximum breathing and will resist during intensive kumite training and competition while offering greatest mobility. With a luxurious appearance, will not stick, shrink nor wrinkle and dries very fast.

7oz lightweight, microfiber.


1/140    122-130
2/150    130-137
3/160    137-144
3.5/165 144-155
4/170    155-163
4.5/175 163-168
5/180    168-173
5.5/185 173-175
6/190    175-181
6.5/195 181-186
7/200    186-191
7.5/205 191-196
8/210    196-200
8.5/215 200-205
9/220    205+

Note: Approximate size chart for a normal weight person. An adjustment of plus or minus a size is necessary for people with additional or less weight than normal.

Tuotenro RKONEWKF1-conf
Paino 1.00
Tuotemerkki Arawaza
Kokoelma Ei tietoa
Sukupuoli Ei tietoa
Kategoria Karatepuvut
Sertifiointi WKF
Materiaali 6oz mikrokuitu/polyesteri

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