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Dojo Studio Double palamatto

54,00 €

The puzzle mat is a simple and an affordable choice to use for training in the gym, at home (garage), for children´s playgrounds, in the office or even outdoors. The matt is the protective layer between you and the floor and the anti-slip surface helps to prevent injuries caused by falling.

The installation of puzzle mats is easy and does not require previous experience. Jigsaw-patterned mats attach to each other and remain stably installed. They can be placed directly on the floor and can be picked up if necessary. The space covered with puzzle mats leaves a solid impression and can also work as a room design element.

If the quantity of matts needed is not in stock then it is possible to order them with the delivery time of 2-4 weeks.
• Ask for an offer from a quantity of 20 pcs

• Puzzle matts are suitable for different indoor activities: group training and games, dancing and aerobics, yoga and pilates. Thinner matts are used in martial arts (muay thai, karate, taekwondo, kickboxing) training, thicker matts are used in wrestling and  martial arts that include throwing(judo, mma, wrestling)

• Made of shock-absorbing material.
• Washable and waterproof surface 
• Each mat comes with two straight removable edge pieces

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