Asics MATFLEX 6 painikengät

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Asics MATFLEX 6 wrestling shoes

Built to provide you with confidence on the mat, the ASICS unisex MATFLEX™ 6 wrestling shoe is a must-have for wrestling professionals from all backgrounds.

When you´re striving to make it to the end of the match and hopefully walk away with the win, you´ll need to know that your wrestling shoes will help you go the distance.

The great news is that the MATFLEX™ 6 has been equipped with a California lasting for superior durability.

The mesh insole also works to keep you comfortable as you push yourself (and your opponent).

It allows fresh air to circulate and refresh the skin, keeping uncomfortable dampness at bay.

Furthermore, a EVA sockliner ensconces the foot in unrivalled support, giving you that second wind that you need to gain the upper hand.

Comfort, stability and durability. The ASICS unisex MATFLEX™ 6 wrestling shoe has it all.

-Non-removable EVA sockliner
-Mesh insole
-California Lasting

Size EU / USInner lenght of shoes
35 / 523cm
36 / 5.523.5cm
37 / 624cm
37.5 / 6.524.25cm
38 / 724.5cm
39 / 7.525cm
39.5 / 825.5cm
40.5 / 8.526cm
41.5 / 926.5cm
42 / 9.526.75cm
42.5 / 1027cm
43.5 / 10.527.5cm
44 / 1128cm
45 / 11.528.5cm
46 / 1229cm
46.5 / 12.5
Tuotenro 1081A021-002-6-5-conf
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