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Liveup Python Striker Training Kit

39,00 €
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-expanders - 8x16x55 mm ja 8x12x5.5 cm

-belt - 76x10.5 cm

-ankle strap- 23x6 cm

-wrist strap - 23x5 cm

Material: latex, polyester


  • 4 expanders
  • 2 ankle straps
  • 2 wrist straps
  • 1 belt


-whole body workout – arms, chest, shoulders, back etc. The rubber bands need to be attached to the belt, wrist and ankle straps. The band will provide resistance.

-for example use the product in boxing kick and punches

-use the training system at home, in a gym or take it with you while travelling

Tuotenro LS3664
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Tuotemerkki Liveup
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