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Phoenix Protector rintasuoja

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Consisting of a white top (89% Tactel / Lycra 6% / 5% nylon) and 2 chest protector cups, flexible plastic shell.   The cups are made of a solid and stable outer shell and a soft, shock absorbing inner layer. The inner layer is constructed honeycomb-shaped, creating a comfortable fit.   Because of the single top and the individual cups, the breast protection basic is very flexible and comfortable to wear, easy to carry and individually adjustable. No rigid "armor", but rather a particularly protective sports bra.     size chart   Chest (measured below the chest):   XS for about 68-80 cm S for about 80-85 cm M for about 85-92 cm L for about 92-97 cm XL for about 97-110 cm

Tuotenro 100-FBXS-conf
Paino 0.15
Tuotemerkki Phoenix
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