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Are you suffering from foot pain from walking, running or playing sports? Or maybe you experience foot cramps more than most and have decided it’s time to do something about it? Whatever your problems may be, our foot arch support with pad is sure to help.

What is it?

The OPROtec Arch Support with Pad is built for anyone who suffers from foot pain and foot cramps. With a unique one-size-fits-all construction designed for both the left or right foot, the sleeve uses thermal compression to enhance protection, stability and support on your road to recovery. This effect is boosted by a gel pad to help ensure comfort every step of the way.

Is it right for me?

From work to play, we all spend a lot of time on our feet. That’s why we created our foot arch support with pad, helping to combat all kinds of foot pain and muscle soreness. Whether you’re a sports-lover that plays football three times a week or someone who just likes to get out and walk the dog, our foot arch support can give you the relief you need to get active again.

And it’s great for anyone suffering from foot cramps too… With built-in thermal compression designed to relieve muscle soreness and fatigue, you can ease the stress on your feet to help prevent tightness and cramping.

The Arch Support can be worn during sports and as part of everyday activities to combat the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

So say goodbye to foot pain and breathe life back into your feet with the OPROtec Arch Support with Pad.

Do not wear over open wounds

Always seek professional advice on pain, injury or irritation.

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