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Have you been experiencing knee pain while walking or playing sports? Maybe you suffer from jumper’s knee and need a protective brace to help you recover at home? Or perhaps you are looking for a knee support for running and working out at the gym? Whatever your needs may be, our jumper’s knee strap is sure to help.


What is it?

The OPROtec Jumper’s Knee Strap is designed to help relieve knee pain, fatigued muscles and bruising caused by jumper’s knee. The one-size-fits-all strap slips over either knee to offer thermal compression throughout the joint. This helps to radiate warmth throughout your knee, improving blood flow and muscle movement to offer relief, support and protection with every step.

Is it right for me?

It’s no secret that running is great for fitness, but pounding the pavement can have a serious impact on your joints if you don’t look after them properly. That’s why we created our jumper’s knee strap – the ideal knee support for running.

Whether you play for a football team or go jogging around your local park a few nights a week, our knee strap will help give you relief from the effects of jumper’s knee. And when you’re fully recovered, you can keep wearing the strap to prevent knee pain from coming back in the future.

Ideal for use during all sporting activities where the knee joint is under high impact, the Jumper´s Knee Strap provides relief for mild to moderate Patella Tendonitis and Osgood Schlatter’s Disease.

Make jumper’s knee a thing of the past with the OPROtec Jumper’s Knee Strap.


Contains latex

Do not wear over open wounds

Always seek professional advice on pain, injury or irritation.

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