Fujimae Shàolín Shoes

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The Shàolín shoes evolve in design and endurance a widely extended and traditional shoe silhouette from China, used both in Martial Arts practice and the intense daily routine. Its low-profile and cool construction, the comfort of the outsole and its reduced production cost turned these shoes in an icon over the last decades, overstepping the limits of the monastery to the extent of gaining popularity in so different industries, such as the dance, circus or fashion. The new FUJIMAE Shàolín shoes still keep the essence of the traditional version while upgrading its durability and refreshing its design.

• Lightweight canvas upper construction.
• Hyper-flexible vulcanized rubber outsole providing exceptional traction and barefoot-like feel.
• Reinforced toe tip.
• Indoor and outdoor use.
• Easy to put on and take off.
• Plain and elegant embellishments.
• Keep them safe in your sports bag thanks to their size and high flexibility.

Canvas / Vulcanized Sole

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