Tatami Estilo 6.0 BJJ puku

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Spanning over 6 years of continuous research, development and improvement - the crown jewel of the model is the Estilo VI, which we are proud to introduce as one of the highest-quality, visually-appealing and well priced BJJ Gi´s on the market.
High quality embroideries adorn the shoulders of the gi and the outside leg area of the pants. The classic Estilo logo is subtly placed at the back of the neck and the right shin area of the pants. A small embroidery is placed on the front of the jacket with the "Estilo VI" text. A sublimated neck yoke lining and side bent lining adds high-quality detail to the Estilo - with new unique woven taping to line the inside of the sleeve cuffs, ankle cuffs and the bottom of the jackets. 
The new Estilo 6.0 jacket continues to feature the unique Y shaped jacket vent. The Y vent helps to provide a better fit along the base of the jacket to maximise comfort and personalise the fit.
The new Estilo is filled with many key design feature that brings together the ultimate gi. These features include: -
- Printed Jaquard Drawstring
- 550GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
- 12oz Canvas Pants
- Embroidered Tatami and Estilo Logos
- Inside Sublimated Neck Lining
- Woven Tape Lining Cuffs and Base Of Jacket
- New Unique Y-Jacket Vents

Size: Weight / Height
A0 50kg-65kg / 160-170cm
A1 55kg-75kg / 162.5-172.5cm
A1L 55kg-65kg / 175-180cm
A2 65kg-85kg / 165-177cm
A2L 65kg-85kg / 180cm-188cm
A2XL 65kg-85kg / 190cm-195cm
A3 85kg-100kg / 172cm-180cm
A3S 90kg-100kg / 167- 170cm
A4 90kg-125kg / 180cm-195.5cm
A5 110kg-135kg / 185cm-198 cm
A6 125kg-140+kg / 193cm-200+cm

Please note, sizing for individual models may vary. Please refer to Tatami Ultimate Buying Guide for additional details on fit, cut and shrinkage rate.



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