Adidas karatepuku K200 Kids

29,00 €

Adidas karate suit K200E  - a suit that grows with your children. By simply removing the stitches in the sleeves and trouser legs, you can make the suit one size larger.

  • the suit is made of supple material, 60% polyester and 40% cotton (200 g/m²), making it comfortable during training
  • the belt of the pants is finished with elastic rubber waist band
  • the suit includes a white belt
  • level - beginner
Tuotenro ADIK200E-90100-conf
Paino 1.00
Tuotemerkki Adidas
Suku Ei tietoa
setti Ei tietoa
Taso Beginner
Sertifiointi Ei tietoa

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