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Venum Carioca MMA-shortsit

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Carioca: the original word, karai oka comes from the Brazilian indigenous language of the Tupi people. Tupi was well-know for their hunting skills, moving fast with a great agility especially in the brazilian rainforest. So we decided to fully sublimate the beautiful colors of the brazilian flag in our high quality and hard-wearing microfiber. And to illustrate the agility of the Tupi, we designed our Carioca fighshorts with an ultra-lightweight fabric that upgrades your explosivity and mobility. Add to this our Pro-engineering Flex-System placed at the crotch extending your range of moves Technical features: - 100% high quality microfiber (polyester) ultra resistant. - New Venum Side Winder cut - inspired by Muay Thai - in order to perform the most powerful kicks and knee strikes. - New Speed Grip closing for an easier and faster adjustment of your fightshorts. - Ultra-lightweight fabric improving your speed. - Pro-engineering Flex-System - with a 4-way stretch fabric - place

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