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Wacoku WTF-hyväksytty käsisuojat

26,00 €
The palm of the gloves consists of a ventilated material which enables your palms to breath. The back of the hand, which protect the joints, consist of sectioned EVA pads which protect the knuckles from external shocks. To maximise the stability of the glove, elastic straps secure the pads which are then attached via velcro depending on the width of the wrist WTF approved Ventilated material to enable your palms to breath Sectioned EVA pads which protect the knuckles Elastic straps secure the pad Part of the Wacoku range Approved by the WTF for use in training and competitions Has been tried, tested and is CE approved
Tuotenro 100-FDXXS-conf
Paino 0.08
Tuotemerkki Wacoku
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Sertifiointi WTF

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