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Starpro Fitness nyrkkeilysetti

79,00 €

Size: 80x28cm  

Weight: 19kg ± 2/3kg

Material: PVC

Set: boxing bag, boxing gloves (10oz), hand wraps 5x2.55m


-suitable for kids and juniors (approx from age 7)


-w ith three nylon straps with triangular steel hooks

-zip closing top

- filled with textile cuttings only

How to choose the right size/weight?

Golden rule – the bag needs to be approx. ½ of the users body weight. If you weigh 80 kg then the bag should be around 40 kg (this applies to the bags that can be attached to the ceiling. The free standing bags are usually filled with 100 L of water/sand). If your goal is to practice punches as well as low kicks then choose a longer bag. For children choose a bit lighter bag to minimize the damage risks of hurting their joints and bones. The bag should swing just a little when punching. When the swing is too big – then the bag is to light. When you feel like punching on a hard surface – then the bag is too heavy.

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