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Venum Tecmo treenishortsit

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Venum Tecmo Fightshort : Smash your limits !

Venum has implemented all its expertise to create the Tecmo fightshort.

You will be...

... Unstoppable : ultra light and durable, this fightshort BJJ / MMA improve your reaction time.

... Elusive : with its side vents to give you unmatched mobility.

... Tireless : optimal regulation of body heat thanks to its slim fit.

... Unbeatаble : it´s reptilian design will turn you into a predator ready to devour his opponents.

You will have... No limits !


100% polyester.

Unique closure system consists of a non-abrasive velcro over the lacing for a better fit.

Sublimation printing for a unique design.

Mesh panels providing optimal regulation of body heat.

Lateral slots for a total freedom of movement.

Reinforced stitching for extended life.

Venum logo.

Available in two colors (red / white and black / gray).

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