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Wacoku WTF Approved säärisuojat

26,00 €
WACOKU Shin Guard for Taekwondo   Heavy-duty design with leatherette cover and strongly absorbing foam insert Interior with skin-friendly, sweat-cloth upholstery. Anatomically adapted to the leg, perfect fit   WTF with approval, that is on all official competitions of the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) applications.   Size recommendation for body size:   XS = up to 120 cm S = 120 - 150 cm M = 150 - 170 cm L = 170 - 180 cm XL = 180 - 200 cm
Tuotenro 100-SDXS-conf
Paino 1.00
Tuotemerkki Phoenix
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Sertifiointi WTF

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