Gaiam Embossed Black joogablokki

20,00 €

Gaiam Embossed Yoga Block

This Embossed Yoga Block provides offers height, stability, and support for your practice. The embossed pattern adds style and traction to ensure stability. Use under your hands, feet, or your seat to deepen stretches and access difficult poses.

  • Non-slip surface to ensure stability
  • Deepen your stretches and poses
  • Ensure proper alignment during poses
  • Printed design for style

Measurements: 23x15x10 cm // 9"W x 6"H x 4"D

Weight: approximately 0.13kg // 4.6 oz

Materials: Sturdy Foam.

Care Instructions: Spot clean with mild detergent. Towel or air dry.

Tuotenro 81-63438
Paino 0.30
Tuotemerkki Gaiam
Kokoelma AW2019
Sukupuoli Ei
Kategoria Joogablokit
Sertifiointi Ei
Materiaali Ei

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